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The First Conference on Brazilian Micro and Small Entrepreneurship Abroad will be held on September 13 to 15, at the Rio Branco Institute, in Brasilia. Organized by the consular area of Itamaraty, in partnership with the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG), the event will gather, for the first time in Brazil, representatives from the Brazilian micro and small entrepreneurs segment residing abroad and is part of efforts to support and empower emigrated Brazilian communities. It is estimated that there are at least 30 thousand micro and small enterprises operated by Brazilians residing abroad.

The conference will be conducted around discussions on thematic panels, with the participation of entities as MDIC, APEX, Banco do Brasil, the Federal Revenue Secretariat, SEBRAE, among others, with a view to exploring the possibilities of these institutions acting in support of the entrepreneurs in areas such as training, stimulus to the import of Brazilian products for their business, opening of Brazilian franchises abroad, innovation, among several other forms of collaboration.

The event will count on the participation of about 30 representatives of Brazilian entrepreneurial communities residing in fifteen countries: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The program of the conference is available at:

In order to allow for a broader particiation, the event will be broadcast online at FUNAG website. Remote participation is also possible via email:

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