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President Michel Temer will participate, from September 3 to5, in Xiamen, China, in the 9th BRICS Summit – group formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The summit inaugurates the second decade of the BRICS, and shows the tendency of deepening cooperation among member countries.

Under the Xiamen Summit, plenary sessions with the leaders are scheduled, as well as the opening of the BRICS Business Forum and the meeting with representatives of the Business Council of the group, in addition to the traditional exercise of external engagement with third countries, which, this year, will gather the BRICS leaders with their counterparts from Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, Tajikistan and Guinea.

The debates among the BRICS leaders should include the main themes of the international agenda, among which peace and security, transnational crimes, economy, trade, finances, climate change and social development. In addition to the Xiamen Declaration, the 2017 BRICS Summit is expected to result in the signing of cooperation agreements on customs matters and on issues of finance and infrastructure.

Over the years, the BRICS has established itself as a diplomatic coalition capable of providing original contributions to the development efforts of its member countries, as well as of other developing countries. Concrete results achieved by the group include concerted actions on the reform of the Bretton Woods institutions and the creation of the New Development Bank and of the Contingent Reserve Arrangement.

The Brazilian Government values the BRICS as a dialogue platform among countries of great influence. BRICS represents an important instrument to the construction of a fairer and more balanced international order.

Since 2001, the trade flow between Brazil and the group countries has increased sixteen times. Brazilian exports to BRICS partners include meats, crude oils, soy, iron ores, vehicles for the transportation of goods and tractors.

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