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On August 8th, Minister Aloysio Nunes Ferreira will attend a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the region in Lima on the situation in Venezuela. The meeting, an initiative of the Peruvian Government, aims at strengthening the regional dialogue in view of the deepening of the Venezuelan crisis.

As the holder of the Pro Tempore Presidency of Mercosur, the Brazilian Government will take the opportunity to reiterate the understanding that motivated the decision adopted by the founding members of the bloc last Saturday, in São Paulo, of suspending Venezuela under the terms of the Ushuaia Protocol (Democratic Clause of Mercosur). Brazil will also point out that the latest actions by the Government of Nicolás Maduro, such as the convening of an illegitimate Constituent Assembly, have confirmed, once again, the rupture of the democratic order in the neighboring country.

Brazil will seek that the countries gathered in Lima send a clear message of solidarity to the Venezuelan people, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of the region to the restoration of democracy, individual freedoms and social peace in Venezuela through dialogue and negotiation.


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