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Itamaraty has launched “New Voices from Brazil”, a program that will take some of the most compelling names of the new generation of Brazilian popular music (MPB) to feature in unprecedented concerts abroad, especially in the main markets for the recording industry.

The program will address primarily musicians at an early stage in their careers who have already launched their debut album in the country to critical and popular acclaim.

The goal is to enhance the presence of these emerging artists in the international recording market, giving them the opportunity to reach a level of acclaim abroad similar to that already garnered in Brazil.  The initiative aims at promoting the  contemporary and diverse national musical production.

For the first edition of the program, Itamaraty is sponsoring concerts for singers Tulipa Ruiz and Tiê in Washington (Kennedy Center, 18 August) and New York (DROM, 19 August). Two rising stars of the new MPB generation, Tulipa’s and Tiê’s debut albums, “Efêmera” and “Sweet Jardim”, respectively, received critical and public acclaim in 2010. 

Also in 2011, the “New Voices of Brazil” program will also bring to the same North American cities (Washington, 13 September; New York, 14 September) singer and songwriter Marcelo Jeneci, a musician from São Paulo whose list of musical partners comprise celebrated artists such as Arnaldo Antunes, Chico César, Vanessa da Mata and Zélia Duncan.

After the first two pilot editions of the program, Itamaraty intends to support, from 2012 on, concerts by at least five new Brazilian musical artists every year in different countries.  For the future editions of the program, in addition to the criterion based on the artist’s recognition and success in the national recording market, specialized critics will also be consulted.

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