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President Dilma Rousseff will make an official visit to Angola on October 20. She will hold a working meeting with President José Eduardo dos Santos.

In June 2010, Brazil and Angola signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement that outlined areas of reciprocal interest and priorities for technical cooperation, political concertation and economic integration. President Rousseff’s visit will enable the resumption of bilateral contacts at the highest level, thereby reiterating the priority Brazil assigns Angola, CPLP and Africa.

Brazil was the first country to recognize Angola’s independence and, since then, bilateral relationship continued to evolve in a significant and positive manner.  There is growing cooperation between the two countries, including projects in health, education, agriculture, mining, oil and institutional building.

Brazilian investments in Angola are mainly in civil construction, mining and oil.  Furthermore, the extraordinary economic growth of Angola in recent years (12.1% per year, on average, between 2002-2010) shows that there is great potential to increase economic and commercial relations between the two countries.

Angola is one of Brazil’s main trading partner in Africa. Between 2002 and 2008, bilateral trade flow rose over twentyfold, reaching US$ 4.21 billion, with Brazilian exports of US$ 1.9 billion (+62.1% over 2007) and US$ 2.2 billion in imports (+136,3%). In 2010, trade flow reached US$ 1.44 billion, maintaining Angola as Brazil’s 5th main economic partner in the African continent.

Brazil, in turn, is among Angola’s five main trading partner, alongside China, USA, France, and Portugal; with imports mainly of oil and exports of automobiles, tractors, machinery, appliances, mechanical tools, furniture, meat, sugar, fuel and increasingly services.

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