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The Ministry of External Relations, in a partnership with the Union of Professional Coaches of São Paulo State, will hold another edition of the International Course for Football Coaches, under the Brazilian policy of sports cooperation.

In May 2008, in the 1st edition of the course, held in Brasília, 31 coaches from Portuguese-speaking African countries and from Timor-Leste were trained.  In May 2010, in São Paulo, 16 African coaches were invited to the event, which included a conference from coach Zico.  For the November 2010 edition, 21 coaches from African countries and Haiti were invited.  At the same time, another course was held for coaches from African countries, Jamaica and Palestine.

The coming edition, to be held from 23 to 27 May at the headquarters of the São Paulo State Football Federation, located at the Football Museum, comprises representatives invited from African and Asian countries.  Among the latter, all members of the Asian side of Forum for East Asia–Latin America Cooperation  (FEALAC).  Nineteen coaches have confirmed their presence in the event, which will feature lectures from renowned coaches, such as Tite and Luis Felipe Scolari. 

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