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The Brazilian Government received with profound concern and disappointment the announcement made today, June 1st, that the government of the United States of America intends to withdraw from the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and "renegotiate" its reentry. Brazil is seriously concerned with the negative impact of such decision on the multilateral dialogue and cooperation to respond to global challenges.

Brazil remains committed to the global effort against climate change and to the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The fight against climate change is an irreversible process that cannot be postponed and is compatible with economic growth. It provides opportunities to promote sustainable development and foster sectors of cutting-edge technology. The Brazilian Government will continue to work with all countries that are Parties to the Agreement and other stakeholders in the promotion of sustainable development, with low emissions of greenhouse gases and resilient to the adverse effects of climate change.

The Paris Agreement establishes the outline for Parties to present national efforts reflecting each one´s responsibilities and capabilities. The Agreement provides leeway for each country to define measures and policies to regulate the emissions of greenhouse gases, in a way that better suits domestic circumstances, so as to harmonize economic growth with the protection of the environment.

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