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The Brazilian Government repudiates, in the strongest terms, the uninformed and biased content of the joint press release issued today by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

The levity with which the OHCHR and the IACHR fancifully wish to induce to believe that Brazil does not have sound institutions dedicated to the protection of human rights and grounded in the democratic rule of law is astonishing. The press release strays away from the principles that must underlie the actions of these bodies, among them the basic respect for the truth of the facts. At no point did the authors of the press release worry about the threat to the safety of civil servants and peaceful demonstrators subjected to the systematic and clearly premeditated violence. The events of May 24 were tainted by the organized action of criminals, who destroyed the buildings of the Ministries of Culture, of Finance, of Planning and of Agriculture, setting fire to some, thus seriously endangering the physical integrity of people. The prompt response by the Federal Government, starting with the safe removal of people from the conflagrated area, always based on the Federal Constitution and on international human rights principles, ensured the physical integrity of thousands of civil servants and peaceful demonstrators who were terrorized by acts of vandalism and premeditated aggression.

In an attitude that borders on bad faith, the press release evokes an episode of agrarian violence in southern Pará, which has no relation to the events of last May 24 and which, furthermore, is already being investigated by competent authorities under the framework of Brazilian legislation. Likewise, the Brazilian Government regrets that the actions of authorities in São Paulo, which are also unrelated to what happened in Brasilia, were capitalized by the press release, cynically and out of context, for unconfessable political purposes. The fight against drug trafficking, as well as the support to chemical dependents, require actions of utmost seriousness, which is the hallmark of recognized Brazilian public policies in facing the world drug problem.

The Brazilian Government acts under the Federal Constitution and according to international principles of protection of human rights. It is surprising and reprehensible that a subjective note, distant from reality, sacrifices the commitment to seriousness and impartiality by international organizations, whose action Brazil supports and promotes.

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