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It is with sadness that I received the news of the passing of Mario Soares, a friend with whom I kept a political and a personal relationship. I express my sincere regrets to his family and to the Portuguese people.

I had the privilege to connect with Mario Soares and witness his notable qualities as a person, as a political leader and as a great statesman. His was a central role in the resistance to the salazarist regime, in the redemocratization of his country and in the stabilization of Portuguese public life after the so-called "Carnation Revolution" of April 25th, 1974. Mario Soares was one of the great names of the European social-democracy and of the historic integration process of the continent.

He was also a great friend of Brazil. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prime-Minister and, above all, as President of the Republic, he has always worked in the construction of a close and modern relationship between the two countries. His wish coincided with identical belief by the Brazilian leaders of the decade in which Mario Soares held the Presidency, from 1986 on, and Brazil and Portugal consolidated the foundations of a partnership based on a shared historic, linguistic and cultural identity, on converging economic interests and on the communion of values such as democracy, freedom and pluralism. 

The brotherly friendship between Brazil and Portugal and the fraternity of the lusophone nations will always have in Mario Soares one of its great lead figures.


José Serra
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil

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