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The Brazilian Government regrets that Venezuela has not succeeded, within the deadline of August 12, 2016, in its efforts to fully comply the commitments made at the signing of the Protocol of Accession of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Mercosur, on July 4, 2006, in Caracas.

Among the norms and agreements that were not incorporated to the legal framework of Venezuela are the Economic Complementation Agreement No. 18 (1991), the Protocol of Asuncion on the Commitment to the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights of Mercosur (2005) and the Agreement on Residence for Nationals of the States Parties of Mercosur (2002). A comprehensive survey of the situation will be concluded on August 13, 2016, through consultations to the Mercosur Secretariat, which compiles the information received from Venezuela on this regard.

Given the scenario of unilateral non-compliance with essential provisions for the implementation of the Protocol of Accession of Venezuela to Mercosur, the Brazilian Government will assess the situation, on the following days, in the light of the international law, and will maintain the due coordination together with the other founding members of Mercosur (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay).

The Brazilian Government will be engaged in this exercise fully imbued with the spirit of integration that unites the member countries of Mercosur.

The founding members of Mercosur will face the complex task of defining the legal measures applicable to this reality, unwanted by all.

To the Venezuelan people, the Brazilian Government emphasizes the solidarity of the Brazilian nation and the guarantee that we will work to strengthen the historical ties that unite us, in the interest of Mercosur and its Member States.

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