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The Brazilian Government salutes the United States for the holding of Presidential elections, which resulted in the choice of Donald Trump.

We see with positivity the message of overcoming national divisions and searching for a constructive relationship with all countries, conveyed by the President-elect in his acceptance speech.

Brazil will seek to keep the ties, ancient and profitable, with the United States, in the benefit of both our peoples. These two great nations of the Americas share similarities that value and guide bilateral relations. We are multiethnic societies, inspired by democratic values and respect to human rights, in search for prosperity, liberty, justice and dignity for all.

On this basis, in respect to the existing political and juridical commitments, we wish to reaffirm our cooperation agenda. We are ready to work together with the new Government, already from his inauguration, in January 2017.

There are mutually beneficial investment opportunities in the areas of energy, education, innovation and technology, fight against organized crime, transparency and regulatory efficiency, infrastructure and business promotion. Opportunities that need to be sought among institutions and the productive sectors of the two countries.

In addition, we are ready to enhance the dialogue and cooperation with the United States on global matters, both bilaterally and in the international fora, having in mind the responsibility of both countries in the construction of a stable, just and peaceful world order.  

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