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At the request of President Michel Temer, Foreign Minister José Serra represented Brazil at the memorial ceremony for President Shimon Peres and at his burial along with the heroes of his country, today, in Jerusalem. The ceremonies were attended by important world leaders.

The presences of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Secretary General, Saeb Erekat, show the gathering ability of Shimon Peres in the pursuit of peace and the path Israelis and Palestinians still have to walk.

The Brazilian Government remembers, today, a Statesman who dedicated himself to build, defend and develop his country, striving at the same time to break the barriers that cultural and religious differences and successive wars have not ceased to rebuild.   

Shimon Peres will be remembered by all for his examples and inspiration for initiatives in favor of peace.

Foreign Minister José Serra held brief meetings with authorities of other countries in the context of the ceremonies. The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, received Minister José Serra at his home, this evening.

The idea is to strengthen economic relations, with emphasis to Israeli high-tech, security and defense products. In regard to Brazilian exports, the performance falls short since the potential of the Mercosur-Israel free trade agreement is not exploited. Brazil should see to selling more.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister Serra also agreed to intensify political contacts. Brazil's interest is to contribute to the resumption of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, towards an agreement that could lead to the coexistence of two States, Israel and Palestine, side by side, in peace and security. This goes beyond the Middle East, and is crucial for world peace.

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