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The Brazilian Government has, in a constructive way, sought a solution to the impasse over the pro tempore presidency of Mercosur. Minister José Serra visited Uruguay on July 5 with that aim. Brazil is interested in a strengthened and active Mercosur with a pro tempore presidency which has met minimum legal requirements for its exercise and is capable of leading the process of deepening and modernizing integration.

During his visit to Uruguay, Minister José Serra also addressed with President Tabaré Vázquez and Foreign Minister Nin Novoa the potential for strengthening relations between Brazil and Uruguay and the opportunities that the two countries can explore jointly in third markets. Brazil considers Uruguay a strategic partner.

Within this context, the Brazilian Government was deeply disappointed and surprised at Foreign Minister Nin Novoa statements on the visit of Minister José Serra to Uruguay, which apparently were given at a meeting of the International Affairs Committee of the Uruguayan Lower House on August 10. The tone of the statements are not compatible with the excellent relations between Brazil and Uruguay.

The Secretary General of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Uruguayan ambassador in Brasilia today for a meeting to express Brazil's deep dissatisfaction with those statements, and required explanations.





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