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The fourth negotiation meeting for the expansion and deepening of the Brazil-Mexico Economic Complementation Agreement No. 53 (ACE 53) was held in Brasilia, between July 5 and 7. Government officials from the Federative Republic of Brazil and the United Mexican States participated in the event.

The aim of the meeting was to advance with the review and assessment of texts, on the several subjects related to the deepening of the ACE 53 agreement, with a view to include agricultural as well as industrial goods, as mandated by the presidents of Brazil and Mexico in May of 2015.

The two delegations have expressed their satisfaction with the dynamics of negotiations, and reaffirmed their commitment to an ambitious and balanced agreement.

Mexico represents for Brazil a potential market of 119.5 million people. Brazilian exports to Mexico are valued at USD 3.588 billion.  In 2015, trade between the two countries totaled USD 7.966 billion.

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