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On the mobilization called for today by the National Union of Public Servants of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sinditamaraty), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has the following comments regarding the claims of its employees:

- The change in the formula to calculate the 13th salary of workers of MFA posted abroad was due to the technical opinion of the Federal Budget Secretariat and the opinion of the Legal Counsel of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management (MP). The Secretariat of Federal Budget set the understanding of these payments to the budget of 2016. The MFA is questioning this argument through the appropriate means.

- The negotiation of salary adjustment is conducted by the Ministry of Planning directly with the Unions. In the case of the MFA, the negociation is done with Sinditamaraty. It is the responsibility of the Union to negotiate on behalf of the members of the Brazilian Foreign Service.

- About the payment of housing assistance abroad, we explain that the MFA, in fact, has struggled to maintain the regular payment of housing allowance to servers abroad due to severe budgetary and financial constraints. The Ministry negotiated the release of additional budget credits, totaling R$ 580,000,000.00, amount open in the budget through the publication in the Brazilian Federal Official Gazette today, June 23, of the Ordinance No. 187 of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management (MP). From the release of such funds by the National Treasury, payments shall be regularized.

- On the reclassification of salaries in Brazil, and after internal negotiations between the Administration of the MFA and the representative bodies of the servers, a proposal was referred to the MP reframing careers of the Brazilian Foreign Service. The MFA has reiterated to the competent authorities its request that discussions be opened on the subject.

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