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The 3rd Session of the Brazil – Democratic Republic of the Congo Joint Commission was held on August 18-19, 2011 in Brasília. This meeting of the Joint Commission was historically signigicant, since the last session was held in 1988. The 3rd Session of the Brazil – DRC Joint Commission succeeded in relaunching cooperation between both countries through initiatives in several areas.

The Brazilian and the Congolese delegations were respectively headed by the acting Minister of External Relations, Ambassador Ruy Nunes Pinto Nogueira, and by the Minister of International and Regional Cooperation, Mr. Raymond Tshibanda N’Tungamulongo.

Besides addressing issues on the Brazil-DRC agenda, such as education, trade and investments and humanitarian cooperation, the Brazilian and the Congolese delegations seized the opportunity to share information and discuss new initiatives in areas such as health, family agriculture, agroecology, professional training, radio and television and normalization.

At the end of the event, Complementary Agreements to the Technical, Technological and Scientific Cooperation Agreement were signed in the areas of agroecology, family agriculture, training of human resources in the public sector of communications and normalization. A Memorandum of Understand between Instituto Rio Branco and the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of External Relations of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was also signed.

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