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The 199th session of the Executive Board of UNESCO, which ended on April 15, adopted, by 33 votes in favor, 6 against, 17 abstentions and 2 absences, a decision on cultural heritage in the Occupied Territories. Brazil voted in favor of the decision, although it has sought, during negotiations, to soften the terms of the original proposal.

However, the fact that the decision does not make express reference to the historical ties of the Jewish people to Jerusalem, particularly to the Western Wall, the holiest shrine of Judaism, is an error, which makes the text partial and unbalanced.

The Brazilian Government reiterates its full recognition of these bonds and its position in favor of the free access of believers of the three religions, Christianism, Islamism and Judaism, to the holy sites of the Old City of Jerusalem, as well as its support for the existing agreements between Israel and Jordan on the administration of the city.

The Brazilian Government will review its vote if the deficiencies pointed out in the decision are not corrected in future assessment of the subject by UNESCO.

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