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Visita do ministro das Relações Exteriores do Paraguai, Eladio Loizaga

The Foreign Minister of Paraguay, Ambassador Eladio Loizaga, will make an official visit to Brazil on June 8 2016, when he will keep a working meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs José Serra. Eladio Loizaga will be the first Foreign Minister to be hosted in Brasilia by Minister José Serra, reflecting the current high level of relations between the two countries.

The main themes of the bilateral agenda will be addressed, with emphasis on  the advance of diplomatic negotiations over the  agreement on the construction of an international bridge over the Paraguay River, between the cities of Porto Murtinho, Mato Grosso do Sul state, and Carmelo Peralta, Alto Paraguay department.

The Foreign Ministers will relaunch the negotiation process of the Agreement on the Binding Bordering Vicinities and address the importance of an early start of the construction of the second bridge over the Paraná River. They will also discuss the Brazilian proposal for the creation of a binational working group for transparent management at Itaipu.

Regional issues will also be addressed, including increased cooperation in combating cross-border crimes, economic and commercial strengthening of the MERCOSUR and progress in  the bloc's foreign agenda, including with regard to negotiations with the European Union and the ongoing process of developing close relations with the Pacific Alliance.

Brazil is the main destination of Paraguayan exports and the main supplier of products to that country. In 2015, bilateral exchange reached USD 3.3 billion. Bilateral trade is characterized by a large percentage of high value-added goods. Last year, manufactured products accounted for 93.7% of Brazilian exports to Paraguay.  

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