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On May 28, minister José Serra will make an official visit to Cabo Verde, where he has scheduled working meetings with his Cabo Verdean counterpart Luis Filipe Tavares, with prime-minister Ulisses Correia e Silva and with president Jorge Carlos Fonseca.

This will be the first visit of minister Serra to Africa since he took office at Itamaraty, which demonstrates that relations with the African continent remain a priority for the Brazilian foreign policy.

Brazil has an extensive agenda with Cabo Verde, one of the major partners of Brazilian cooperation and the main beneficiary country of the Undergraduate Student Program Agreement (PEC-G). Since 2000, the PEC-G program has enabled the enrollment of nearly 3,000 Cabo Verdean students in Brazilian universities. Since 2013, the Brazilian Naval Mission Center has been operating in Cabo Verde, with the goal of providing training for Cabo Verdean Navy personnel. The visit will also open up opportunity to seek new areas of economic cooperation.

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