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The Minister of Production of Argentina, Francisco Cabrera, will make a working visit to Brasilia on April 25, leading the Argentine delegation to the Brazil-Argentina Bilateral Trade Commission, chaired, respectively, by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade and by the Ministry of Production.

The Commission is scheduled to discuss economic and commercial themes of the bilateral agenda as well as of MERCOSUR. Themes on the bilateral agenda include production integration, promotion of investments, monitoring of the trade flow and the automotive agreement. Discussions on MERCOSUR issues comprise the foreign relations agenda, the economic and commercial consolidation of the bloc and the protocols of procurement and cooperation and investment facilitation.

Argentina is the main trading partner of Brazil in the region. In 2015, bilateral trade totalled USD 23.1 billion, with Brazilian exports of USD 12.8 billion and imports of USD 10.2 billion.

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