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Photos: Embassy of Brazil in Quito/MFA

Northern Ecuador was hit, on April 16, by a violent earthquake that has killed more than 400 people and injured more than 2,000. The Brazilian Government has learned with sorrow of the facts, and expressed its solidarity with the families of the victims and its sense of regret to the Government and people of Ecuador. On April 17th, the President of the Republic telephoned President Rafael Correa.

In view of the fraternal ties that bind us to the people and Government of Ecuador, as well as the severity of the situation of the affected population of that country, Brazil has sought to meet, as soon as possible, the Ecuadorian requests for humanitarian cooperation, on an urgent basis.

To date, the competent areas of the Brazilian Government foresee sending a military aircraft to Ecuador, whose takeoff from Manaus Air Force Base is scheduled for Saturday, April 23. The aircraft will carry a load of 600,000 IU of tetanus immunoglobulin, corresponding to 2,400 bottles and 6 "emergency kits" with 42 items, including medicines and basic health supplies. Each kit weighs 250 kg and can serve 500 people for three months. The Ecuadorian Government informed the diplomatic corps in Quito that the capacity of the country to receive specialized foreign teams in response operations to emergencies caused by natural disasters are exhausted, reason why the transportation of qualified Brazilian professionals in these areas was not scheduled.

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