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On February 22, 2016, on the occasion of the 3rd Binational Commission Brazil-Mexico, held in Mexico City, the successful completion of negotiations on the "Agreement for the Mutual Recognition of Cachaça and Tequila as Geographical Indications and Distinctive Products from Brazil and Mexico" was announced, fulfilling, therefore, the mandate of Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Enrique Peña Nieto, contained on the Presidential Declaration delivered in the context of the State Visit of the Brazilian President to Mexico, on May 26, 2015, which led to a process of negotiations that lasted for the past few months.

The negotiated Agreement, whose signatures and entry into force will comply to the legal procedures of both countries, ensures the reciprocal protection of Cachaça and Tequila as "geographical indications" of Brazil and Mexico, respectively – protecting them from unfair competition with products that benefit inappropriately from the high reputation of the two national drinks. In addition, the Agreement objectively deals with technical matters that could hinder bilateral trade of these two products, through the recognition of corresponding legislations of the two countries. The way for the expansion of such trade is, thus, open, in a predictable and safe environment for producers and exporters of both drinks.

Additionally, the Agreement provides for the establishment of a Working Group to address issues such as the presence of products incorrectly using the denominations Cachaça and Tequila or counterfeit products in the Mexican and Brazilian markets, respectively.

The Agreement reached will also contribute to expand the global projection of Cachaça and Tequila as geographical indications in our respective countries, consolidating their reputation and recognition.

This significant result, details of which were concluded on the eve of the mentioned meeting of the Binational Commission, creates favorable environment to deepen bilateral relations and heralds even more important advances in the context of the ongoing negotiations for the expansion and deepening of the Economic Complementation Agreement no. 53.

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