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Luiz Felipe Lampreia


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports with great sorrow the passing on February 2, in Rio de Janeiro, of Ambassador Luiz Felipe Lampreia, Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1995 to 2001.

Ambassador Lampreia served Brazil for over thirty years. He was admitted to the Rio Branco Institute in 1962 and, besides acting as Minister of Foreign Affairs, has also served as Secretary General of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretary for Bilateral Political Affairs, Permanent Representative of Brazil to International Organizations in Geneva, Ambassador of Brazil in Lisbon and in Paramaribo and Spokesman of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Lampreia has had an outstanding performance in managing financial, economic and commercial issues and registered his significant experience as a Brazilian diplomat in several works. For his co-workers at Itamaraty he leaves an example of a skillful negotiator, always acting in the public interest and for the benefit of Brazil, who will also be remembered as a respected and beloved colleague.

The Ministry officials who, in Brazil and abroad, have always admired the personal and professional qualities of Ambassador Luiz Felipe Lampreia, unite in the sense of loss and grief over the untimely departure of the former chief, colleague and friend, and transmit to his family their deepest condolences and the certainty that his memory and example will remain present at Itamaraty, guiding them in their service to the country, to which Ambassador Lampreia devoted himself entirely.

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