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On April 18 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Rio Branco Institute (IRBr). The Institute was created in 1945 in the context of the centenary of the birth of the Baron of Rio Branco, José Maria da Silva Paranhos Júnior, the patron of the Brazilian diplomacy. The first director of the Institute was the jurist and diplomat Hildebrando Accioly.

The institute was originally conceived as a center for research and teaching, with the purpose of training the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, in 1946, it also became responsible for recruiting new Brazilian diplomats, through public selection processes, and providing them with academic trainingAs the Brazilian diplomatic academy, the Institute has trained more than two thousand Brazilian diplomats.

The Rio Branco Institute is one of the oldest diplomatic academies in the world, after the Vienna Academy and the Pontifical Academy. Recognized for its quality, the IRBr has provided training not only for Brazilian diplomats but also for more than 200 of their foreign counterparts, through a scholarship programme which, since 1976, has trained over 200 diplomats from about 50 countries. .

This anniversary not only gives cause to celebrate a solid and successful track record: it is also an occasion to reaffirm the Rio Branco Institute’s continuing commitment to renovation and improvement. Looking ahead, the next generations of diplomats must be prepared to work in a world of unprecedented interconnections and increasing complexity – and the Institute is ready to meet that challenge.

Watch the videos on the 70th anniversary of the Rio Branco Institute (available in Portuguese only):



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