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The Brazilian citizen Islam Hassan Jamil Hamed, also a Palestine citizen, detained since 2010 in Palestine, was freed in Ramallah on July 21, the same date in which he signed a declaration acknowledging the risks of his release, that is, the possibility of a new arrest, this time by Israeli authorities in the Occupied Palestine Territory. The Brazilian government, as pointed out Note 225, has no legal or material means to exert jurisdiction or police power in foreign territories.

The Brazilian government has held successive high-level demarches with the Israeli government in order to obtain the granting of safe passage to Mr. Hamed, which would allow his repatriation to Brazil. To date, there is no positive response from the Israeli authorities.

Notwithstanding the efforts with the Israeli Government in order to obtain safe passage for Mr. Hamed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains that the signature of the above-mentioned  declaration was attended by the three first-degree relatives of the citizen, as well as by the Chargé d’Affaires of Brazil in Ramallah.

On the occasion of the signature, Mr. Hamed stated his interest in leaving the place of detention at a time of his own choosing, without the presence of a Brazilian Government representative . Should Mr. Hamed need consular assistance once again, it will be provided as soon as requested.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalls that, during the period of approximately 100 days in which Mr. Hamed was in a hunger strike, he was closely and continuously assisted by Brazilian consular agents, who made every effort for the due medical monitoring of his situation, and in order to ensure his release, as stated in Notes 171, of May19, and 225, of June 17. Regular  consular visits were made to this Brazilian national in order to monitor his personal and legal situation, information on his case being promptly relayed to his relatives in Brazil.

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