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Brazil received with great satisfaction the announcement that the group of countries known as P5+1 (composed by Germany, China, United States, France, United Kingdom and Russia) and Iran, with the facilitation of the European Union, concluded today, in Vienna, a comprehensive and long-term agreement on the Iranian nuclear program.

The Brazilian Government congratulates all parties for the political will, persistence and determination shown through the complex and highly sensible negotiating process. These qualities will also be crucial to the full and opportune execution of the agreement.

Brazil has always supported, including through the 2010 Tehran Declaration, the diplomatic efforts aimed at ensuring the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program and the normalization of Iran's relations with the international community.

The agreement announced today demonstrates, once again, the efficacy of diplomacy and of negotiations as instruments capable of creating a truly sustainable peace.

The Brazilian Government hopes that the success achieved in Vienna significantly contributes to the beginning of a new and productive phase in the relations between Iran and the other parties of the agreement, as well as to the reduction of conflicts and tensions, for the benefit of all the international community. As always, Brazil is ready and willing to collaborate in this regard.


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