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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mauro Vieira, will visit Iran and Lebanon on September 13-16.

In Tehran, on October 13-14, Minister Mauro Vieira will be received by President Hassan Rouhani and will hold meetings with the Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, and the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani.

In the meetings, dedicated to advancing political dialogue and diversifying cooperation and bilateral exchanges, the main topics on the international agenda will be discussed, such as peace and security, disarmament and non-proliferation, and the situation in the Middle East.

Trade between Brazil and Iran, with a surplus for Brazil, had been achieving progressive increases until 2011/2012, exceeding US$ 2 billion, but was reduced by almost 50% as a result of international sanctions imposed on Iran. The prospect of lifting sanctions opens opportunities for expansion of exchange in sectors such as agribusiness and investment in the fields of hydroelectricity, mining and infrastructure.

Minister Mauro Vieira will explore with the Iranian partners the prospects of deepening bilateral dialogue on human rights and cooperation initiatives in such areas as agriculture, energy, science and technology, medicine and hospital equipment.

20150914 ME PR IranMinister Mauro Vieira is hosted by the Iranian President , Hassan Rouhani
Foto: Presidency of the Republic of Iran 
20150914 ME PR Iran carross Minister Mauro Vieira  and Ambassador of Brazil, Santiago Mourão,  at audience with the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani
Foto: Presidency of the Republic of Iran 
Minister Mauro Vieira is received by the Foreign Minister of  Iran, Mohammad Zarif
Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

20150914 ME ME IranWork meeting between Brazilian and Iranian delegations.
Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On September 15-16 the Minister will make an official visit to Lebanon. In Beirut, he will meet with Prime Minister Tammam Salam, the Speaker of the Parliament, Nabih Berri, and with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gebran Bassil.

20150915 ME PM Liban

Minister Mauro Vieira is hosted by the Prime Minister of  Lebanon , Tammam Salam
Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
20150915 ME Parl LibanMinister Mauro Vieira and  the President of the National Assembly of Lebanon , Nabih Berri 
Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

20150915 ME ME Liban okThe Foreign Ministers of Brazil and Lebanon hold work meeting
Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
20150915 ME CEB LibanMinister Mauro Vieria attends book reading by student of Portuguese language at the Machado de Assis Library of the Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center 
Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Accompanied by Defense Minister Jaques Wagner, Minister Mauro Vieira will visit the União Frigate and the Barroso Corvette, this newly incorporated into the Maritime Task Force of UNIFIL (UNIFIL-MTF). On behalf of the President of the Republic, Minister Mauro Vieira will impose the Rio Branco Order Insignia on the Barroso Corvette, which rescued 220 migrants adrift in the Mediterranean Sea last September 5.


20150914 ME fragataCeremony of imposition of the Rio Branco Order Insignia on the Barroso Corvete, at the Port of Beirut
Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Since 2011, Brazil has been in command of the UNIFIL-MTF and provides the flagship for the mission, contributing to the stability of the region. In the meetings, the Minister will discuss with the local authorities the bilateral agenda, with emphasis on enhancing trade and investment, the situation of the Brazilian community in the country and exchanging views on the political framework and local and regional security.


20150914 ME UNIFILCeremony of change of the flagship for the UN mission at Lebanon  (UNIFIL-MTF)
Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Brazil and Lebanon have maintained diplomatic relations since 1944. Brazil is home to the largest community of Lebanese immigrants and descendants in the world, estimated at 7-10 million people.

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