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Brazil is following with concern the escalation of violence against civilians in Israel and Palestine. Nothing justifies attacks on civilians, particularly if inspired by hatred and prejudices of any kind. The Brazilian Government calls upon the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to halt the current increase of tensions and prosecute those responsible, with respect for human rights. The Brazilian Government insists on the need for both parties to refrain from acts of retaliation and inflammatory rhetoric statements that could further jeopardize the situation. The Brazilian Government exhorts Israel to fulfill its duty to ensure the physical safety of the Palestinian population under its occupation, in accordance with international law and UN resolutions.

Only the two-State solution - Palestine and Israel, living in peace and security within mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders - ,can bring peace, stability and prosperity to the region in the long term. Therefore, the Brazilian Government considers it essential that negotiations in good faith be readily resumed, based on the parameters set by international law, leading to a peace agreement as soon as possible.



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