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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mauro Vieira, will visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Cabo Verde and Senegal from August 28 to September 2.

This is the second series of travels of Minister Mauro Vieira to the African continent in 2015, reflecting the Brazilian interest in intensifying and expanding its relations with countries in Africa. Between March 28 and April 2, Minister Mauro Vieira visited Ghana, Sao Tome and Principe, Mozambique and Angola.

On August 29 and 30, Minister Mauro Vieira will visit the cities of Kinshasa and Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In Kinshasa, on the 29, the Minister will have a work meeting with Foreign Minister Raymond Tshibanda, with whom he will discuss the bilateral relationship and themes within the regional and global agendas. He will be received by Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo.

The agenda of cooperation between Brazil and the DRC includes areas such as agriculture, education and the environment. Brazil has been one of the countries that have granted more university vacancies to Congolese students, within the scope of the Student Programs - undergraduate and graduate degrees Agreement. The DRC has the fourth largest share of students benefited from the undergraduate degree program. In 2014, the trade between Brazil and the DRC reached US$ 56.2 million. Since 2012, bilateral exchange has recorded surpluses to Brazil.

20150829 ME RDC 1bMinisters  Mauro Vieira and Raymond Tshibanda head work meeting between Brazil and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

20150829 ME RDC 2b
The Foreign Ministers of Brazil and the DRC hold press conference  in Kinshasa

20150830 ME PR KabilaMinister Mauro Vieira is received by the President he Democratic Republic of the Congo, Joseph Kabila

On August 30th, in Goma, Minister Vieira will hold a work meeting with the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for the DRC and Head of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO), Martin Kobler. He will also meet with Brazilian General Carlos Alberto Santos Cruz, who, since May of 2013, has been the Commander of MONUSCO’s Military Force.

In Goma, Brazil has developed a humanitarian cooperation initiative in partnership with UNICEF and AMADE-Mondiale for the social reinsertion of children formerly associated with armed groups.

20150830053544Goma Kobler p    20150830053544Goma SCruz p
Minister Vieira is welcomed at Goma airport by General Santos Cruz and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for the DRC, Martin Kobler.

Minister Mauro Vieira and Brazilian General Alberto dos Santos Cruz, Head of MONUSCO, the UN Stabilization Mission at the DRC.


20150830053543Goma2Minister Mauro Vieira, Ambassador of  Brasil in Kinshasa, Paulo Uchoa, Gen Santos Cruz and the Brazilian Army members who make up the  personal General Staff of MONUSCO's Commander


On August 31st, Minister Mauro Vieira will make an official visit to Cameroon. On the occasion, he will have a work meeting with his counterpart, Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, in addition to participating in the opening of the meeting between entrepreneurs from both countries. The Brazilian Foreign Minister will be hosted by Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

In 2014, bilateral trade with Cameroon reached US$ 87.4 million, with a Brazilian surplus of US$ 79.6 million. There are good prospects for growth in areas such as commerce, investment, energy, defense and air services.


20150831 ME Camer PMMinister Mauro Vieira at audience with the Prime Minister of Cameroon , Philémon Yang
20150831 ME Camer Minister Mauro Vieira is hosted by the Foreign Minister of Cameroon , Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, and the Ministers of Economy and Planning; of Employment and Professional Training; of Transport; of Agriculture and  Rural Development; of Commerce; and of Urband Development and Housing


20150831 ME Camer ME MEMeeting between the Foreign Ministers of Brazil and Cameroon


20150831 ME Camer sem emprMinister Mauro Vieira attend business seminar in Yaounde


On September 1st, Minister Vieira will make an official visit to Cabo Verde, when the Third Meeting of Public Consultations Mechanism, established in 2008, will take place. In addition to the meeting with Foreign Minister Jorge Tolentino, Ambassador Vieira will be received by President Jorge Carlos Fonseca, Prime Minister José Pereira Neves and the President of the National Assembly, Basílio Mosso Ramos.

The bilateral dialogue with Cabo Verde unfolds at several levels. The country is one of the main partners in Brazilian cooperation projects in the African continent, as well as the main beneficiary of the – Undergraduate student program agreement which, since 2000, allowed the enrollment of nearly three thousand Cabo Verdean students in Brazilian universities. In the area of defense, since 2013, the Brazilian Naval Mission Center has been active in  Cabo Verde, with the goal of supporting the training of Cabo Verdean Navy personnel.

In 2014, bilateral trade totaled US$ 21.35 million, of which US$ 21.27 million represented Brazilian exports.


20150901 ME CV PRMinister Mauro Vieira is hosted by the President of the Republic of Cabo Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca
20150901 ME CV PMMinister Vieira at audience with the Prime Minister of  Cabo Verde, Jose Maria Neves
20150901 ME CV Ass Nac2
Minister Vieira and the Ambassador of Brazil in Cabo Verde, João Inácio Padilha,are received by the President of the National Assembly, Basílio Ramos

20150901 ME ME CVMinister Vieira meets with his Cabo Verdean counterpart , Minister Jorge Tolentino

20150901 ME CV bilatThird Meeting of the Brazil-Cabo Verde  Political Consultations Mechanism

20150901 ME CV pressThe Foreign Ministers of Brazil and Cabo Verde give interview to the press

20150901 ME circVisit to the Brazil-Cabo Verde cultural center. Circus class.

On September 2, Minister Mauro Vieira will visit Senegal. On the occasion, he will hold a meeting with his Senegalese counterpart, Mankeur Ndiaye, and will also attend scheduled events, including audiences with President Macky Sall and Prime Minister Mohamed Ben Abdallah Dionne.

20150902 ME SN PRMinister Mauro Vieira at an audience with the Prime Minister of Senegal , Mahammed Dionne

20150902 ME SN bilatMeeting of  the Foreign Minister of Senegal, Mankeur Ndiaye, the Minister of Investment Promotion and the Minster of  Fisheries

Minister Mauro Vieira and Minister Mankeur Ndiaye will open, on the same date, a meeting between Brazilian and Senegalese entrepreneurs. In 2014, bilateral trade with Senegal totaled US$ 102.1 million, with a Brazilian surplus of US$ 90 million.  Brazil and Senegal have ample prospects of deepening bilateral cooperation in areas such as education, energy, food security, air transportation and social themes.

20150902 ME SN emprMinister  Mauro Vieira attends the Brazil-Senegal Business Forum 

Between 2002 and 2014, trade between Brazil and Africa have increased over five times, going from US$ 5.04 billion to US$ 26.76 billion.

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