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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects any allegation that it would not be providing assistance to the Brazilian national Asteclínio da Silva Ramos Neto, arrested in Peru since April 16th. The case is being closely followed since April 2015 and has already motivated more than 40 official communications between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brasilia and the Embassy of Brazil in Lima.

The lawyer and the family members of the Brazilian citizen are kept informed, at all times, of the Ministry's intense work in the case, by official and registered documentation. The Brazilian Embassy in Lima conducted diligences before the local Chancellery, the Peruvian Office of Public Defense and the National Penitentiary Institute of Peru (INPE), aiming at enabling the detained citizen to make medical exams, as requested by Mr. Ramos Neto’s family.

Since July 14, Mr. Asteclínio Ramos is in the detention Center of the Palace of Justice in Lima, where he awaits to be transferred to a penitentiary facility in which he may be able to make clinical exams that are not possible in his previous detention place, in Satipo, in the interior of Peru. Before his transfer, throughout 45 days, the Embassy conducted several diligences, at the highest level, in order to make feasible his transfer to a hospital facility, even if under legal custody.

Two consular visits were already made to the Brazilian national since his transfer to Lima. Detainees under solitary regime cannot receive visits. Mr. Asteclínio Ramos not once has declared that he was not properly treated by the Peruvian police authorities. On the contrary, the national is grateful for the support received by the Brazilian consular officers.

The work of the Brazilian Embassy in Lima has always been guided aiming at ensuring the physical integrity and the full right to legal defense of Mr. Asteclínio da Silva Ramos Neto.

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