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The Minister of External Affairs and Cooperation of Spain, Trinidad Jiménez, will visit Brazil on May 26, when she will meet with the Minister of External Relations, Antonio de Aguiar Patriota.

The Ministers will review the main issues in the bilateral relation,  such as increasing commercial exchange and cooperation on several areas, particularly on education, culture and science and technology. Following up on the “Brazil-Spain Science and Technology Action Plan”, signed in February 2008, they will address the outlook for the 1st Brazil-Spain Join Commission for Cooperation on Science, Technology and Innovation, which is expected to be held on the second half of 2011 in Madrid. 

They will also go over migration matters, which has been the subject of High Level Consular Meetings between the two countries.

The Ministers will exchange views on negotiations between MERCOSUR and European Union and will also address current issues in the global agenda, with particular attention to the situation in the Arab world.

Trade flow between Brazil and Spain reached US$ 6.6 billion in 2011, a 44% increase in relation to 2009. This is a historical record in the commercial exchange between the two countries.  Between 2001 and 2010, the flow of direct investment from Spain to Brazil was US$ 18.6 billion, making it Brazil’s fourth largest investor in this period.

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