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The Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference, held in Bali (Indonesia), in December 2013, led to the conclusion of an "early harvest" package of results for the Round. By approving the first agreements negotiated at the WTO since its creation, it has revitalized the normative side of the Organization and, thus, reopened the path for updating and strengthening the multilateral trading system.

The results of the Ministerial Conference in Bali were very positive for Brazil. The Trade Facilitation Agreement, of great interest to both the Brazilian business community and government, will stimulate reforms already under implementation in the country and will facilitate the access of our products to markets worldwide, by making customs procedures simpler and less bureaucratic.

In agriculture, the new rules for tariff rate quota (TRQ) administration, were of great importance for agriculture exporters. A Declaration that puts the elimination of all kinds of export subsidies back at the center of the WTO’s negotiations, was also approved. The Organization also recognized, at the Bali Ministerial, the legitimacy of the food security programs in the developing world, allowing the maintenance of public stockholding policies, followed by safeguards preventing commercial distortions.

In addition, the Ministerial Conference put an end to years of paralysis of the Doha Round and mandated the WTO to prepare, in the next twelve months, work program to resume the negotiations, focused on the central themes of the Round, of primary interest to Brazil, mainly on agriculture.

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