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Originally developed in Japan, the "Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial" (ISDB-T) digital television standard was adapted in order to incorporate technical solutions designed by Brazilian experts, leading to the creation of what is called today the "Japanese-Brazilian standard".

Among the Brazilian contributions features a technology that allows both free-of-charge broadcast of interactive content and the creation of electronic government platforms – which meets specific needs of developing countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is engaged in the efforts to disseminate the Japanese-Brazilian digital television standard. Following the consolidation of this standard in South America, Brazil – in partnership with Japan and the other countries that adopted it – has obtained important results in other regions, especially in Central America, Southern Africa and Asia.

The following countries have already adopted the ISDB-T system: Argentina, Bolivia, Botswana, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Maldives, Peru, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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