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The Innovation Room is an initiative by the Brazilian Federal Government with a view to 

coordinating actions to launch research, development and innovation centers and projects of major companies in Brazil. One of the main roles of the mechanism is to bring together, in one place, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) and information on standards, instruments and incentives necessary to create a research and development center in the country. The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of the federal public administration bodies in the management committee of the Innovation Room.

Public instruments and policies aimed at stimulating research, development and innovation investments, including tax exemption, funding and subvention, are managed by several government bodies at federal, state and municipal levels, often duplicating information. The Innovation Room provides greater articulation, making it easier for investors to decide on the incentive mechanisms that best fit their projects. 

 Attracting research, development and innovation centers and projects is an important driver of Brazil’s competitiveness, since it broadens technological skills, develops local talents, creates highly skilled jobs and increases the added value of exports and the application of academic research to industrial production, by strengthening cooperation ties between universities and companies.

More information on the Innovation Room is available via e-mail at

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