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Burkina Faso

Brazil recognized the independence of the former Upper Volta in 1960, establishing diplomatic relations with the country in 1975. Bilateral relationship was intensified in the 2000’s, especially after the opening of the Embassy of Brazil in Ouagadougou (2007) and the Embassy of Burkina Faso in Brasília (2009).

Brazil has provided technical cooperation to the African country through projects aimed at promoting food security and fighting poverty, such as the strengthening of the National Public Health Laboratory and the development of dairy farming. There are also initiatives in humanitarian aid, defense and biofuels.

Along with Mali, Benin and Chad, Burkina Faso is one of the beneficiaries of the Cotton-4, Brazilian project with the objective of increasing the cotton production in these countries.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

1960 – Brazil recognizes the independence of Upper Volta in August 13

1965 – The President of Upper Volta, Maurice Yaméogo, visits Brazil

1975 – Brazil and Upper Volta establish diplomatic relations

1999 – The Minister of Agriculture from Burkina Faso, Alassene Sere, visits Brazil

2000 – The Embassy of Brazil in Accra (Ghana) becomes cumulatively responsible for the relations with Burkina Faso.

2003 – Visit of President Compaoré to Brazil.

2003 – Foreign Minister Youssouf Ouédraogo visits Brazil; signature of the Basic Agreement of Technical Cooperation

2007 – President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva visits Ouagadougou; Presidential Decree creates the Brazilian resident Embassy in Ouagadougou

2008 – Burkinabe Foreign Minister Djibril Bassolé visits Brazil; beginning of the activities of the Brazilian Embassy of Brazil in Ouagadougou (September); the Minister of Commerce, Mr. Mamadou Sanou visits Brazil

2009 – Foreign Minister Alain B. Yoda visits Brazil; opening of the resident Embassy of Burkina Faso in Brasília

2010 – Visit of the Minister of Transportation, Gilbert Ouedrago, to Brazil; 1st Meeting of the Bilateral Joint Committee

2012 – The Minister of Agriculture, Laurent Sedogo, visits Brazil

2013 – Follow-up Meeting of the 1st Session of the Joint Committee Brazil-Burkina Faso in Brasília.

2016 – First Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Cotton-4 + Togo Project, in Brasília (April 25-29)

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