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Federated States of Micronesia

Micronesia established diplomatic relations with Brazil in October 2010, following the approximation process initiated in 2005, when three official missions to the Pacific region were carried out. Between April and May 2009, Micronesia's Permanent Representative to the UN, Jeem Lippwe, visited Brazil. In 2012, the then-President of Micronesia, Emanuel Mori, was in Brazil for the Rio+20 Summit. In 2013, a Brazilian ambassador handed his credentials to the Micronesian President for the first time.

Bilateral acts between Brazil and Micronesia have not yet been signed. The Micronesian Government has advocated for the expansion of the Security Council into the categories of permanent and non-permanent members. Moreover, it has supported, since 2013, the inclusion of Brazil and the other G4 members as permanent members to the Council. Micronesia has interest in cooperation with Embrapa to develop its agriculture.

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