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Solomon Islands



The Solomon Islands became politically independent in 1978, almost a century after their acquisition by England as a protectorate. After its independency, the archipelago became a parliamentary monarchy and a member of the Commonwealth. Its Head of State is the Queen of the United Kingdom and the Head of Government is the Prime-Minister.

Brazil established diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands on August 2, 2005. The Solomon Islands have great interest in sports cooperation with Brazil, as well as technological cooperation in the production of coffee, cocoa, sugar cane, ethanol and forestry issues. In June 2012, Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo was the first Head of Government from the Solomon Islands to visit Brazil, as the chief of the country’s delegation to the Rio+20 Conference, in Rio de Janeiro.

Commercial trade between Brazil and the Solomon Islands is very limited, with Brazilian exports accounting for all commercial trade in the last few years. There is no precise information about the number of Brazilian citizens living in the Solomon Islands.

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