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Among the central themes of the bilateral relations are partnerships in education, science, agricultural policy, technology and innovation. Canada is the country that hosts the largest number of Brazilian students, mostly interested in studying English and French for short periods of time.

Brazil and Canada have several bilateral coordination and dialogue mechanisms, including the Strategic Partnership Dialogue, the Political-Military Dialogue, the Joint Economic-Commercial Council and the Joint Brazil-Canada Committee for Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation.

Canada is the main destination for Brazilian investment abroad, with a stock of over $ 20 billion, which makes Brazil the seventh largest source of foreign direct investment in the country. Brazilian investments are concentrated in the mining sector. Canadian investments in Brazil, in turn, are estimated at $ 15 billion and cover areas such as civil engineering, technology and mining.

In 2018, bilateral trade totaled $ 5.6 billion. Brazilian exports to Canada amounted to $ 3.35 billion (23.4% increase compared to 2017), while imports totaled $ 2.25 billion (27.9% increase compared to 2017) . The bilateral balance was favorable to Brazil, with a surplus of $ 1.1 billion.


Chronology of bilateral relations

2018Third Meeting of the Brazil-Canada Strategic Partnership Dialogue (Ottawa, October 23)

2018Fifth Brazil-Canada Political-Military Dialogue Meeting (Brasilia, June 18)

2018 – Consular Network Coordination Meeting in North America (Chicago, July 6 and 7)

2013The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, John Baird visits Brazil (August 8) [Joint communiqué]

2012 – Foreign Minister Antônio de Aguar Patriota visits Canada (October)

2012 – The Governor-General of Canada, David Johnston, visits Brazil (April)

2011Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits Brazil (August 7-9)

2004 – Prime Minister Paul Martin visits Brazil

2001 – President Fernando Henrique Cardoso visits Canada

1998 – Prime Minister Jean Chrétien visits Brazil

1944 – Opening of the Canadian Embassy in Brazil. Jean Désy is the first Canadian Ambassador to Brazil

1941 – Opening of the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa

1876 – Emperor Dom Pedro II visits Canada

1866 – Opening of Canada's first commercial office in Brazil

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