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Saint Lucia

In 2012, the first visit by a Foreign Minister of Saint Lucia to Brazil took place. On that occasion, discussions were held on Brazilian cooperation with the Caribbean, especially in the areas of family agriculture and food security, and on prospects of airline connections between Brazil and the Caribbean.

Technical cooperation of the Brazilian government with Saint Lucia gained momentum with the signing of technical cooperation agreements in the areas of security and agriculture during the First Brazil-Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Summit,. In November, 2010, the Brazilian government contributed with resources and personnel to support of projects, mainly in the framework of actions to minimize the effects of hurricane "Tomas" in Saint Lucia (with implementation by the "Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency" (CDEMA), through the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)). Within the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), body with permanent headquarters in Saint Lucia, a shipment of antiretroviral drugs was delivered by Brazil in October 2012.

In the educational and cultural fields, the cooperation in diplomatic training through the participation of diplomat from an OESC country in the training course of the Rio Branco Institute and the Course for Caribbean Diplomats (organized by the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG)), should be highlighted.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

1980 – Establishment of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Saint Lucia. Brazilian interests in that country were represented by the Embassy of Brazil in Trinidad and Tobago

1994 – Brazilian interests in Saint Lucia began to be represented by the Embassy of Brazil in Paramaribo, Suriname

2007 – Creation of the Embassy of Brazil in Saint Lucia, headquartered in Castries

2008 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Investment of Saint Lucia heads the delegation of his country in the Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on Integration and Development (CALC), in Costa do Sauipe – BA

2010 – The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia visit Brasilia during the First Brazil-CARICOM Summit. Six agreements are signed between Brazil and Saint Lucia

2010 – After Hurricane "Tomas", the Brazilian government provides a helicopter and twelve Army military officers for a humanitarian assistance mission in Saint Lucia

2012Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saint Lucia to Brasilia (July 9-13)

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