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Diplomatic relations between Brazil and Belize were established in March 1983. In 2006, they gained further momentum with the establishment of the Brazilian embassy in Belmopan, thus completing the Brazilian diplomatic network in continental America.

In 2017, trade between Brazil and Belize totaled an estimated $ 6.45 million. Brazilian exports amounted to $ 6.11 million (94.7% of the total trade flow), while imports corresponded to $ 341,000. Bilateral trade balance is remarkably favorable to Brazil, with a surplus of $ 5.77 million.

Belize remains in a territorial dispute with Guatemala, which claims an area of ​​12,272 square kilometers of its territory. The Organization of American States (OAS) has formed a "Group of Friends" to provide the peace process between the two countries with political, operational and financial support. Brazil is one of the countries that makes up the Group and has donated resources to the Peace Fund. Its latest donation, in 2009, totaled $ 25,000.

Chronology of Bilateral Relations

2015 – The Visa Waiver Agreement for tourism and business between Brazil and Belize enters into force

2010 – The Foreign Affairs Minister of Belize, Wilfred Elrington, visits Brazil on the occasion of the First Brazil-CARICOM Summit. Following the passage of Hurricane Tomas over Belize, Brazil gives $145,000 to the Caribbean Emergency Response Management Agency

2009 – Brazil donates $ 25,000 to the OAS Peace Fund for Belize and Guatemala

2005 – Belize's Prime Minister Said Musa visits Brazil and holds a meeting with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

2003 – Brazil donates $ 25,000 to the OAS Peace Fund for Belize and Guatemala

2002 – Brazil donates $ 7,500 to the OAS Peace Fund for Belize and Guatemala

1983 – Establishment of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Belize

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