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Commonwealth of The Bahamas

Relations between Brazil and the Bahamas have been distinguished by a concerted dialogue and rapprochement in matters of trade and investments. The opening of the embassy of Brazil in Nassau in 2005 and Brazil's good relations with the Caribbean Community have brought new perspectives for political dialogue and cooperation between both countries. The signing of an Agreement on Air Services in 2016 shows prospects for growth in tourism cooperation, an important sector in the economy of that Caribbean country.

The list of Brazilian exports to the Bahamas is composed, for the most part, by fuel oils. In 2019, bilateral trade totaled $ 176.2 million. Brazilian exports to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas amounted to $ 175.2 million (up 47% compared to 2018), while Brazilian imports totaled $ 1 million. The bilateral trade balance is favorable to Brazil, with a surplus of $ 174,2 million.


Chronology of Bilateral Relations

2013 - The Minister of Financial Services of the Bahamas participates in the event "Brazil Investment Summit", in São Paulo

2012 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Bahamas participates in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio + 20)

2010 - The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas participates in the 1st Brazil – CARICOM Summit, held in Brasilia

2008 - The Prime Minister of The Bahamas participates in the Latin America and Caribbean Summit on Integration and Development (CALC), in Costa do Sauipe

2005 - Establishment of the Brazilian embassy in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, based in Nassau.


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