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Music is the best-known and most acclaimed Brazilian cultural expression in the world. Brazil ranks among a select group of nations to have their musical heritage perpetuated in the artistic 

patrimony of humanity, with a production that stands out for its wide range of styles and continuous flow of new composers and musicians. Samba and Bossa Nova are the musical references that foreigners more easily identify with Brazil; however, there´s growing interest in other genres of Brazilian music such as chorinho and forró. Brazil is also present in concert halls all over the world, as Brazilian composers are frequently included in the repertoire of some of the main international orchestras and soloists. Brazilian music continues to influence the work of artists of different styles and is a constant presence on radio playlists and streaming services.

Due to its diversity and richness, Brazilian music is an important tool for the promotion of the country’s image abroad. Itamaraty has been committed to making popular and classical music from Brazil known to a larger international audience. An important aspect of such endeavor is sending records to the network of diplomatic posts and sponsoring concerts by Brazilian artists in other countries. Embassies and consulates have also used their facilities to organize performances and events about Brazilian music, always with a significant presence of the local public and Brazilian expats.

The Cultural Department of Itamaraty aims that more people listen to and learn how to play Brazilian music. Using the tools provided by modern information technology, Itamaraty teamed up with the National Arts Foundation (FUNARTE) and the Ministry of Culture to launch the project “Brazilian International Songbook Online”, which provides online access to scores and chord charts of Brazilian popular music songs. In a similar manner, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs established a partnership with the Brazilian Academy of Music for the use of scores of Brazilian composers by foreign orchestras, musicians and bands in concerts promoted or supported by the network of diplomatic and consular posts abroad. In order to have more people introduced to the vast Brazilian musical repertoire, the Cultural Department of Itamaraty will have its own online playlists, organized according to genres, artists and themes.

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