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Works by Brazilian authors have been increasingly appreciated abroad. In addition to well-established and acclaimed names such as Machado de Assis, Jorge Amado and Clarice Lispector,

who continue to win new readers and editions in several countries, a new generation of Brazilian writers has caught the attention of the public and critics internationally.

In this context, Itamaraty has supported the dissemination of Brazilian literature on several fronts, in order to expand the insertion of national authors in the foreign publishing market, as well as to foster knowledge about Brazilian culture.

Itamaraty has joined forces with the Brazilian National Library Foundation’s Support Program for the Translation and Publication of Brazilian Authors, which supports foreign publishers interested in translating works by national writers. Every year, this initiative provides grants for the translation of dozens of titles, which has contributed to the recognition of Brazilian literature abroad. Diplomatic and consular posts also organize special events to launch the newly translated works.

In the same manner, Itamaraty supports Brazil´s presence in the most important international book fairs, as they provide the ideal setting for promoting Brazilian literature to publishing houses and specialized public. Brazilian stands in book fairs such as Paris Frankfurt and Gothenburg have drawn growing numbers of visitors. As for literary genres, children´s and teenage books have been well received. Itamaraty has established a partnership with the National Children and Youth Books Foundation (FINLIJ), aiming at strengthening Brazil´s presence in this segment.

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