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The Order of Rio Branco was instituted by Decree no 51.697, dated February 5, 1963, with the objective of distinguishing the meritorious service and civic virtues, stimulating the practice of actions and deeds worthy of honorable mention.

The Order of Rio Branco, named in honor of the Patron of the Brazilian diplomacy – Baron of Rio Branco, comprises 5 classes, namely: Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight, besides a Medal attached to the Order.

“The insignia of the Order is a four-arm, eight-point white enameled cross, having at the center the armillary sphere, in golden silver,  in a blue enameled circle with the inscription “Ubique Patriae Memor” of the same metal. On the golden reverse are the dates 1845-1912.” (Art. 2nd of the Regulation)

The Latin expression “Ubique Patriae Memor” was excerpted from the ex-libris of Baron of Rio Branco and means "Anywhere, I will always have the Nation in my memory". The years on the reverse of the insignia are the Baron’s date of birth and death.

The Order comprises two Groups – Ordinary and Supplementary. The first, with limited vacancies, gathers Brazilian diplomats in active service and the second, the retired diplomats and all the other national or foreign persons, or legal entities that  will be honored with the Order.

The Council of the Order is composed of the President of the Republic, Grand Master of the Order, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as Chancellor of the Order, the Heads of Civil and Military Houses of the Presidency of the Republic and the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Itamaraty’s Chief of Protocol is the Secretary of the Order.

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